Spruce up your garden

Come and enjoy the peaceful tranquility of our estate gardens and purchase some unusual plants from under £5.00 to take home and spruce up your garden.

Some of our unusual plants include:

Albizia Lophantha

Albizia Lophantha – The Albitzia is a less common small tree (to 8m high) with acacia like foliage and pink flowers (most acacias are yellow).

Aeonium Arboreum Schwartzkopf

Aeonium Arboreum Schwartzkopf – The aeonium is a tender succulent with fabulous dark foliage.  This needs winter protection.

Coprosma Evening Glow

Coprosma Evening Glow – The Coprosma is one of the most vibrant of the modern cultivars.

Impatiens Omeiana

Impatiens Omeiana – The Impatiens is a wild form of the balsam, a suckering rootstock forming 1m high clumps with soft violet flowers in mid-late summer.

Elizabethan Golden Lace Primrose

Elizabethan Golden Lace Primrose – The primrose is of historic importance as it is an old form, not a modern hybrid.