We love volunteers!

We are lucky to have a team of up to ten regular volunteers who come and help us with a variety of tasks every Wednesday.

There is an endless list of gardening tasks at Trevince and our lovely volunteers help by planting trees and shrubs, propagation, growing fruit, vegetable and ornamentals and, of course, weeding.

We are always impressed by how much our enthusiastic team can achieve in one day. Their hard work contributes greatly to the development of our gardens and we can see marked development over the months and years as their work continues.

We have been privileged to have skilled craftspeople working with us including Maurice Slade, who has single-handedly rebuilt our 50 foot long greenhouse!

Maurice Slade re-building our greenhouse
Our beautiful finished greenhouse

Another talented volunteer, Jane, transcribes all of our historic archives and we are grateful for this important service.

Jane transcribing our historic archives

All of our volunteers are rewarded with coffee and cake in our Cart Shed café after a hard day’s work.

If you would like to come and volunteer at Trevince, please do get in touch.